The Spurs can Recover, Really

OK, the San Antonio Spurs are coming off of one of their longest – and worst – Rodeo road trips in history.   And they have had their “on-any-given-night” lesson from the lowly New York Knicks. Let’s look ahead …please.

Fact is, the Spurs have placed themselves in a precarious position for the rest of the season. They’re
right at the cusp of grabbing one of the last spots in the NBA West chase, with the Houston Rockets, Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento Kings all hovering in virtually the same position.

Bad News, Good News

The bad news is, the Spurs haven’t shown their best effort recently against any of those teams. The
good news is, they have a nice home-heavy stand in the immediate future to make up for it all. The
meat of that part of the schedule arrives with the Oklahoma City Thunder in town on Saturday and the
Denver Nuggets paying a visit on Monday. Fans picking up San Antonio Spurs tickets for those two
outings should get a first-hand look as the Spurs test their mettle against two of the best in the

Those games should provide a playoff-like preview of two of the teams the Spurs could well face in
the first round of the post season. Considering the fact that the Spurs also have Portland, Golden State,
Houston, Boston, and Denver again, dotting the schedule the rest of the way, it is clear the Spurs could be in a fight for their playoff
lives as the last tickets are sold.

The Task at Hand

How do the Spurs punch their tickets to the playoffs? It of course starts with the reliable outside-
inside combination of DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge. DeRozan, the team’s scoring leader with
a 21-points-per-game average, was about the only bright spot in that debacle at Madison Square Garden
on Sunday. He scored 32 points in the 130-118 loss against a Knicks team the Spurs should beat on a bad
night on any floor. Aldridge battled foul trouble for most of that game, and didn’t play near his 20 ppg,
8.9 rebounds-per-game average. If Aldridge has many more off games like that, the Spurs could find
themselves in deep doo doo.

While those two have proven to be the team leaders and central focus of this Spurs squad, they’re
not the only ones who’ll be needed to get the job done down the stretch. The Spurs are a deep team,
and they’ll need to play like one, with contributions not only from the rest of their starters, but from the
wealth of talent that comes off the bench. That means Marco Belinelli, Patty Mills, Davis Bertans and
others need to bounce up and be ready for double-figure performances. Oh, and let’s toss in a little
defense, something the Spurs have not shown much of lately.

It’ll take some doing to recover from the 1-7 road disaster, and correcting it may be the challenge of
Gregg Popovich’s coaching career. If he and the team are up to the task, the next set of home games
should make Spurs tickets worth it again, and a reason to look ahead.

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