A concert is one of the places where people are most free to express themselves in the attire of their choosing.  With shows almost every weekend of the year, it is in a concert that you get to see people in all kinds of attires from neon body suits to even native attire.

However, things went sideways so fast that no one can actually point out to the exact cause of the problem. Going crazy is not the only way to have fun in concerts, and it is important that people understand that. There are so many kinds of attire that people wear to concerts that are no longer fashionable in current trends. Below are some of the tips on what and what not to wear in Austin Texas when attending a music festival or concert:

• Go for the bucket hat

The brim on the hat ensures that you are able to keep off the sun when you are in the concert. There are many designs of bucket hats to choose from depending on the color and even the patterns and prints.

concert goers outfits• Do not wear Native American headdresses

This is one of the things that people get wrong when attending concerts in Texas. However, to most people, this may look offensive contrary to the intended purpose of the attire. In place of the headdress, you can adorn turquoise rings and even beaded belts, from the southwest.

• Do not go to the concerts shirtless

This is a look that no one wants to see in this time and age. In case you are too exhausted or hot to wear sleeves, you can wear a tank top. However, it is easy to go wrong with a tank top, so ensure you do your homework and find out how to look classic in one.

• Wear denim

It may appear to be too hot for denim, but this is the classic cowboy look. This is because denim clothes are made to endure the harshdenim concert attire conditions. The denim wear could be long sleeved, short sleeved or even denim pants.

• Do not try the 60’s look

This is because we are not in the sixties anymore, it is a modern event and you should dress appropriately. Instead of trying to bring out the 60’s celebrity outlook, you can embrace looks from recent celebrities.

• Get the clacks

These shoes were designed for desert conditions. They therefore come in handy when you are in Texas, because it basically has desert conditions. They complement almost any outfit you choose, ensuring that it is difficult for you to go wrong in them. They even look better with a little dust on them.

• Wear your sunglasses

If you have been waiting all year to wear your cool sunglasses, now is the time to show them off. However, do not wear your vintage pairs, they may ruin your outfit.


Concerts are the place where many people go wrong in their choice of outfits. This is because there is freedom on the outfit you desire to wear for the concert. Many people have found themselves in an odd situation by wearing the wrong kind of outfit. An additional tip, do not try too hard. This is because you will end up looking like the weirdo that nobody wants to talk to. Treat concerts as any other day, and be simple yet elegant.



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