It took the threat of a deadly virus, but the National Football League was finally prodded into doing something that had been on the table for years: expand the playoffs. The uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation and the possibility of a delayed or short regular season left NFL bosses with an open door to do… Read More

The first crack of the bat should signal the beginning of America’s return to normalcy from the grips of COVID-19. But when will it be, and how will Major League Baseball move from there? The players union and MLB came to a quick agreement on at least part of that last week. Salvaging the Season… Read More

OK. Now that we have gone long enough to realize that the suspension of the NBA season on March 11 was the right call, it is time to contemplate reviving things. Sure, we hemmed and hawed when the order came down. Then players and coaches from multiple teams started testing positive for the COVID-19, and… Read More

The Houston Texans’ general manager situation was so uncertain for so long, it was hard to tell who was calling the shots. Even when Cal McNair announced back in January that Coach Bill O’Brien was GM, the announcement was termed necessary to “more accurately reflect the way we have been operating for the past eight… Read More

We’ve gone through a season of football, and a deal between the Dallas Cowboys and quarterback Dak Prescott is still on the table … waiting. Meanwhile, rumors and speculation continue to swirl about Prescott ending up anywhere from somewhere in Florida to somewhere in California and some points in between. The Cowboys have attended to… Read More

The NBA game has evolved into a movement-oriented, push-and-pop perimeter game with scrambling defenses. That’s OK with Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni and his general manager, Daryl Morey. For a year now they have been piecing together a quicker team with versatility and shooting ability. The Russell Westbrook trade last summer reflected that. And so… Read More

When news broke this week that Houston Texans coach Bill O’Brien was named general manager of the team and is acting in a dual role, no one seemed surprised. O’Brien has pretty much been calling the shots on personnel moves for a while.It stands to reason, because interim GM Chris Olsen was fired, and Jack… Read More

It will be a new way of watching the Texas Rangers. It won’t be hot when it is hot; won’t be wet when it rains. And by the grace of God, if the Rangers make it to October, it won’t be hot, cold OR rainy. It’s the new Globe Life Field, and it is quite… Read More

The verdict is in. The sentence is in. And it ain’t good. The questions: Could it be worse? And what does is all mean to the team and the franchise? Major League Baseball has announced the findings of its report on the Houston Astros cheating charges and handed out penalties to the Astros organization. The… Read More

The Dallas Stars seem to be on cruise control. They are winning at a rate that has them hovering in second or third in an NHL Western Conference that the St. Louis Blues are running away with.The Stars have also survived the routine nicks and bruises of a season, not to mention the sudden firing… Read More