The National Football League has been relatively “immune” to the fallout from COVID-19 thus far. But as the weeks have gone by, the issues the league faces have become more clear … and somewhat daunting. While the pandemic caused interruptions in other major sports, the NFL has hardly missed a beat. The alerts and shutdowns… Read More

The format is set, the odds are out and the teams are devising strategies. It looks like we have a finish to the NHL season all set. Well sort of. The rest of the regular season was dropped, the sites and dates of the playoffs aren’t set, and the league and players still have a… Read More

College football’s return is the biggest challenge of any in the American sports arena. That’s because of numbers. Getting college football on track this fall is dependent on the effect of the pandemic in various regions and states. And college football has programs everywhere. Where We Stand The coronavirus spread has already cut short college… Read More

While major league sides are negotiating the start of their season, there are millions of fans asking, “What about my minor league team?” It’s a good question. But there is really no good answer, for now. The coronavirus pandemic put teams in 160 towns and cities on hold, and options are dwindling. The situation in… Read More

Major League Baseball has apparently cleared one huge hurdle as the league owners and players begin talks about opening the season. The other big issue – how much players will be paid – remains a sticking point. Earlier this week, the league set down a list of proposals for jump-starting the season, most of which… Read More

As the window narrows for a decision on resuming the NBA season, there are still three major factors looming in making that decision. I say the window is narrowing, because a few key dates such as the draft on June 25, and the start of free agency on June 30 are approaching. Plus, teams are… Read More

The Dallas Cowboys draft results are drawing rave reviews from the experts. Of course a draft is just a commitment to a set of players who were stars on their college teams, but may or may not work out in the NFL setting. Outside of the first three rounds, few of them stand a decent… Read More

It would be sad to see Mike D’Antoni go. But his inability to come to an agreement with the Houston Rockets over a contract seem to point in that direction. And with the season in limbo, there’s a chance he won’t get to prove himself for the last time. Both sides deny there is a… Read More

The NFL draft begins on Thursday with a different look and some questions about how things will shape up for everyone, including fans. The first and maybe the most obvious question is: Why now, with the virus thing? The league and its owners know that the draft is their top off-season production. They saw a… Read More

Team owners and league officials are clinging to the hope of completing the NHL season, or at least an abbreviated version. They are proposing possible options to a restart every day. So there are plenty of questions remaining about how the finish would look. The NHL postponed the season on March 12 as governmental entities… Read More