Austin downtown live music festival

There’s a reason that Austin has been the music haven for a lot of people. This slogan became official almost 2 decades ago– in 1991– as it was discovered that Austin had the most live music venue per capita in the US. In fact, most people who have been in the city claim that there’s… Read More

city skyline of Austin TX

Summer time in Austin, TX can be fun and full of interesting activities.  However, with so much to do in Austin, it can be hard to narrow it down if you’re only here for a little bit.  So, we’ve come up with some unique, adventurous, and touristy things to do the next time you’re in… Read More

Outdoor live concert in Austin TX

Austin is famous for its live bands, concerts, and events, and takes its reputation as being the Live Music Capital of the World very seriously, especially during summer. Its reputation for being a music capital is not only manifested through the events, but also through the talents it has bred. Austin is home to music… Read More