The NFL trades we were expecting this week didn’t really transpire as the deadline passed. In fact the midseason NFL trades were generally unremarkable, as they have been in past years.
The biggest story from the Dallas Cowboys standpoint was who they got and who they didn’t get.
This year was supposed to be different, with a lot of wheeling and dealing expected, much like the Major Leagues and NBA.

Jamal Adams

But as the deadline went by, guys like Chris Harris Jr., Le’Veon Bell, Trent Williams, and Jamal Adams all stayed put.
Adams, the New York Jets safety, was one of the players on the Cowboys radar.
The Cowboys reportedly were willing to give up a first-round pick to get him, but to no avail. The Baltimore Ravens were going after him, too, but found the asking price too high. As it turns out, Adams apparently didn’t want to leave New York anyway. But it was a miss for Dallas.

Personnel Strategy

I got the feeling that some teams were just putting names in the mill to find out their value, maybe for future reference during the offseason. That’s hard to understand since the market changes so fast these days.
It is a little easier to understand what the Miami Dolphins are doing, because their team is in tanking mode, and they are planning for the future. So they held a garage sale and picked up draft choices in exchange.
The Dolphins have accrued six draft choices in the first three rounds for 2020, with seven more choices beyond that and a number of others in future years. Needless to say, their scouts will be busy, and everyone else will be looking to Miami before figuring out what they themselves will do.

Whether or not it gets people to buy tickets is  another matter.

Bennett to Cowboys

It is also easier to see what the New England Patriots are up to: clearing players they don’t like. They left themselves little wiggle room because they are still paying for Antonio Brown’s five minute stay.

Michael Bennett

And earlier this week the Pats dealt defensive lineman Michael Bennett to the Dallas Cowboys, because he grumbled about his role in the team’s new defensive scheme.
Even though the Cowboys are Bennett’s fourth team in two years, the deal may work nicely for Dallas, who needed more depth up front on defense. Though the Cowboys already have strong performers in DeMarcus Lawrence and Robert Quinn, they are missing Tyrone Crawford for the rest of the season.
With Kerry Hyder their only other go-to lineman at the position, the Cowboys will have Bennett to turn to for at least the rest of the season. And, yes, Bennett promised to stand for the National Anthem. Jerry Jones would have it no other way. I wonder if people look for that anymore.
It’s not a great trade, but at the cost of a sixth- or seventh-round pick, I’d give the Cowpokes a win on that one.