It will be a new way of watching the Texas Rangers.
It won’t be hot when it is hot; won’t be wet when it rains. And by the grace of God, if the Rangers make it to October, it won’t be hot, cold OR rainy.
It’s the new Globe Life Field, and it is quite a spectacle in itself, in addition to having a big roof that opens and closes to protect you from the elements.
Enjoy it. You’ll pay for it. What with a ticket tax, new parking fees, and all that revenue in taxes from that big ol’ business-retail complex they got going up in the surrounding neighborhood. Hey, the park itself costs $1.1 billion (oops, $1.2 billion is the latest estimate, but what’s a million here or there?). Somebody’s gotta pay for it.

Entertainment Center

But hey, by the time they get through with it all, you’ll be able to spend your entire vacation doing nothing but shopping, partying and going to ball games, when you’re not at your hotel room – all in the same location.
That’s right, Globe Life Field will be right across the street from the old Rangers home, Globe Life Park. Don’t worry, the 14-year-old park you were just getting used to ain’t going nowhere. It’ll be the home of the Dallas Renegades of the new XFL, and of North Texas SC, the USL soccer team. And of course Jerry World is right down the street.
Plus, this Texas Live! district is supposed to have a big new hotel, a shopping mall and a ton of new night spots in addition to the ones there now.

New Park Features

Globe Life Field is of course the latest state of the art facility that all of these new places to play are.
But the big thing for folks that may have been bugged by the foul weather and rainouts from the old days, is the retractable roof. It’s about six acres big, but it’ll only take about 12 or 15 minutes to open and close.
That means our Rangers will take the field on artificial turf. They call it synthetic grass these days, but there won’t be any brown spots or bad hops to worry about.
The seats will be a little bit wider than at the old park, and the way the place is designed should bring fans closer to the action. That also applies to folks in the suites, some of which are just 20 rows up from home plate.
There will also be all sorts of club seating and food stops along the foul lines and around the plate. Out beyond left field you’ll see a series of limestone arch supports that have two levels of concourses and a thing called Sky Porch, which is several decks of special seating.

Big Video Screens

Way above the right field area is a humongous (58 feet x 150 feet) video screen, and out in left, there is another screen that’s a tad smaller, 40 x 111.
But no matter where you are in this place, you should be connected to what’s happening on the field. They designed it to have things like concessions and bathrooms a little farther from the seating, so if you are on the concourse areas, you’ll easily be able to look in on the game.
The home opener is March 31 against the LA Angels, but they host the Cardinals in an exhibition on March 23. You’ll want to buy tickets to Texas Rangers games this year, just to get a look at this place.
Let’s just hope the Rangers field a team that is as much fun.
Here are the basics of the new Rangers home:

Globe Life Field

Location: Arlington
Owner: City of Arlington
Broke Ground: Sept. 28, 2017
Opening: March 14, 2020
Construction Cost: $1.1 billion
Capacity: 40,300


Left field: 329 ft
Left center: 372 ft
Center field: 407 ft
Right center: 374 ft
Right field: 326 ft
Backstop: 42 ft