So who were the NFL draft winners for 2019? Get back with us in about 2024, because only time will tell.
But in this overrated crapshoot that is the draft, we all scramble to assess and discover who might make a lasting impression among the latest lot.
Here’s my assessment, based on what the teams needed and the caliber they got. Take it or leave it.
But at least the whole thing is worth some preseason tickets to quench your curiosity.
The Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans NFL draft was kind of boring. Only a couple of flashy skill players among the whole crew.
But boring can be good, because boring means the team’s brain trust is doing its job.

Cowboys Draft Picks

Rd. 2 No. 58: Trysten Hill, DT, UCF
Rd. 3 No. 90: Connor Mcgovern, G, Penn State
Rd. 4 No. 128: Tony Pollard, RB, Memphis
Rd. 5 No. 158: Michael Jackson, CB, Miami (Fla.)
Rd. 5 No. 165: Joe Jackson, DE, Miami (Fla.)
Rd. 6 No. 213: Donovan Wilson, S, Texas A&M
Rd. 7 No. 218: Mike Weber, RB, Ohio State
Rd. 7 No. 241: Jalen Jelks, Edge, Oregon

Cowboys Draft Analysis

The dealings in Dallas left the Cowboys opening their draft in the second round, and they appeared to know right where to go.
With ages and retirement, the Cowboys need to shore up their defensive line depth in terms of both rushers and stoppers. So they grabbed up Hill, a 308-pounder from Central Florida, who should get crucial work right away as a defensive tackle.
Since the Cowboys don’t go deeper at pass rusher than Demarcus Lawrence, they spent their second fifth-round pick on defensive end, with Joe Jackson. For competition, the last pick was the edge rusher, Jelks.
They waited a bit to get a sorely needed defensive back, and picked Michael Jackson at corner, and then safety Wilson two picks later. Since Texas A&M had one of the worst pass defenses in the nation last year, you gotta think Wilson had the hometown draw.
On offense, the Cowboys used their second pick on Mcgovern, a guard who was a bit of a value pick to them.
The two running backs are help for Ezekiel Elliott, who has been carrying too heavy a load. Pollard is an all-around talent, who can catch and run as a receiver and return man. This may work, since the Cowboys need receiver depth they did not otherwise fill.

Texans Draft Picks

Rd. 1 No. 23: Tytus Howard, OT, Alabama State
Rd. 2 No. 54: Lonnie Johnson Jr., CB, Kentucky
Rd. 2 No. 55: Max Scharping, OT, Northern Illinois
Rd. 3 No. 86: Kahale Warring, TE, San Diego State
Rd. 5 No. 161: Charles Omenihu, DE, Texas
Rd. 6 No. 195: Xavier Crawford, CB, Central Michigan
Rd. 7 No. 220: Cullen Gillaspia, FB, Texas A&M

Texans Draft Analysis

The Texans have their hearts set on halting this seemingly endless rotation of quarterbacks at DeShaun Watson. Hoping that Watson is in fact the man, they went after protection.
Howard is a 6-5, 322 pound pass blocker who was rated higher by the Texans than by many others. The word on the 6-6, 320 Scharping is that he can block from anywhere on the line, either side, so he’s versatile if nothing else.
Johnson at corner is a depth thing that Houston needed to solve, with Kareem Jackson and Kevin Johnson lost in the off-season.
Warring wasn’t a need, but the best out there at the time; Omenihu adds depth to their front seven situation as does Crawford in the defensive backfield.
Gillaspia may contribute right off; the Texans simply didn’t carry a fullback last year.
So when you get your tickets for NFL Week 1, it will be interesting to see how many of these guys make the grade.