The Texas Rangers may have to make some decisions in the coming weeks before the trade deadline. And those decisions involve pitching.Are they good enough to make a push for postseason? Or are they going to toss in the towel and be a seller, when trade time comes?Since hitting is no issue, pitching will provide… Read More

Back in March, before the first pitch of the season was tossed, we knew little about the Texas Rangers.Sure, we were looking at a lineup with many of the same players from last year’s 67-win group. But many of these players are still young, and the potentials are still not certain.A month and a half… Read More

After a solid first month of the season, the Houston Astros have rolled into the month of May in good shape.Cruising along with a comfortable cushion over the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels in the AL West, the Astros have put together a combo of offense and defense that keeps folks in Minute Maid… Read More

For all of the excitement, things seemed pretty normal in this NBA series between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. There was nothing really surprising about how things went.The games were real struggles, but the home team won each time.With few exceptions, all of the primary characters played their parts in the drama… Read More

The Material Girl, Madonna, has announced a string of tour dates Today May 6.  Unlike the normal arenas she has sold out in the past this tour will be more intimate.  We are talking about Theater sized venues this time around.  Yes, Madonna tickets will SELLOUT.  SO far only 3 cities have been announced but… Read More

We knew a few things would have to happen for the Houston Rockets to preserve this NBA playoff series with the Golden State Warriors. Those things seemed to converge Saturday night in the Rockets’ 126-121 overtime win before a whooping, hollering sellout crowd at Toyota Center. It all set up yet another Rockets battle for… Read More

So who were the NFL draft winners for 2019? Get back with us in about 2024, because only time will tell. But in this overrated crapshoot that is the draft, we all scramble to assess and discover who might make a lasting impression among the latest lot. Here’s my assessment, based on what the teams… Read More

Getting Over the Road Blues When assessing the NHL playoffs so far, one thing has become clear: the St. Louis Blues have not been taught the dire consequences of playing on the road. In fact, the Blues thrive on the road – 4 wins, 0 losses in the playoffs, and 12-4-4 on the road before… Read More

The Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors have been jockeying for the top spot in the league for just a couple of years. But already this feels like a deep-seeded blood feud that has gone on for decades. At least that’s how Rockets fans see it. The Rockets had the best record in the… Read More

The Nashville Predators probably didn’t much respect the Dallas Stars’ power play going into Game 4 of their NHL playoff series. But you just can’t continually disrespect a power play and get by with it. The Predators found that out the hard way on Wednesday. The Stars jumped on them early and often with the… Read More