Hopes for the Houston Texans season depends on maintaining offensive prowess and improving a shoddy defense. And then there is COVID-19, which, like it or not, has imposed itself into the formula for success of all teams. Let’s take a look at the Texans prospects with those and a few other factors in mind. The… Read More

The NFL season is upon us, whether COVID-19 likes it or not. So it is time to assess team prospects for the season, starting with the Dallas Cowboys season.Since there are no NFL preseason games, we don’t get to eyeball the teams in game situations as they trim rosters. That makes NFL predictions a little… Read More

With most major professional sports now resuming action after the COVID-19 pause, it is time to take a look at the prospects for ticket sales.Realistically it is hard to expect fans to be packing stadiums and arenas before next spring. Until then, the virus and how local governments react to it will remain the determining… Read More

As the major league baseball season gets underway, there are three things to consider for the Texas Rangers chances of making post season. You could say all of these factors somehow have the coronavirus weaved into them. Frequent testing will have a bearing on rosters, and the new rules will play into strategy. But let’s… Read More

Training camps opened Monday, so it is time to start sizing up NHL teams and their chances of advancing in this rushed post season. The Dallas Stars are among four teams that will be playing in a round-robin scramble for one of the top seeds in the NHL West. What are the Stars’ chances to… Read More

The NFL has decided to cut the NFL preseason in half. The players have upped the ante by voting to drop the preseason altogether.This is a sign that both the league bosses and the players understand the seriousness of COVID-19.Nothing is set in stone. But how badly would teams miss these games? The Virus vs.… Read More

With the NBA season approaching, it is time to talk less about the coronavirus and more about teams chances for advancing in the playoffs.A couple of teams are in similar situations. The Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets are separated by a game and a half in the standings, each have two legitimate stars, and they… Read More

OK, we have a major league season … or something like it. Commissioner Rob Manfred got tired of negotiating and went forward with a plan for a 60-game season with a July 23 opening day, and a World Series in late October. We don’t yet have the exact schedule of games, but we do have… Read More

There is a plan and a partial schedule for resuming the 2019-20 NBA season. But there are still some issues to be settled, including those concerning safety and those concerning a movement among players that is part of a larger social movement in the nation. It could keep some players off the court. The NBA… Read More

We’ve just had reports that some members of the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans have tested positive for COVID-19. What does it mean? Hard to say, other than this is part of what we can expect from the new reality surrounding this pandemic. What We Know, Don’t Know The early reports are that “some” players… Read More