NFL training camp is approaching, and there’s talk in and around the Dallas Cowboys camp. No surprises there. Generating conversation and controversy is what the Cowboys do. That’s because they always have a lot of high-profile players and an owner that arguably runs the league.Besides, we haven’t heard much from America’s Team all summer.This week’s… Read More

The Texas Rangers’ relative success vs. the Houston Astros this year may give people hope for a post season. But the Rangers we know are the Rangers that are struggling to stay above .500.So the question now is the same one we had nearly two months ago, only with more urgency. Namely, how to handle… Read More

OK. A three-headed monster gave birth to a few two-headed monsters, and the face of the NBA looks a lot different than it did a month ago. But what does it all mean?The free-agency shuffling has settled down enough for everyone to rework their power rankings. The general consensus is that the NBA title will… Read More

OK, let’s not panic. Please. The trade deadline isn’t until July 31, and the Houston Astros are cruising along with an 8-game lead in the AL West, still arguably the best team in the majors.However, if the Astros are going to get over the Yankees hump (you remember the Yankees, the team that took 3… Read More

No ink goes on contracts for a few days, but the agreements surrounding NBA free agency appear to be falling into place. The one big exception of course is Kawhi Leonard’s decision, and he is taking his sweet time.A lot has gone on in the past couple days, and if you were caught up in… Read More

The NBA has commanded sports talk time this summer. But when it came time for their big TV show, things got a little messy. The draft was so ridden with trades that at the end it was hard to know who had who.Because of the timing of the draft (June 20) and free agency, which… Read More

Back in May, when the Houston Astros were tallying casualties and bringing in help, we looked at the lineup they had scrapped together and figured there was no reason for panic. They would be OK.They have been. But now, with healing time winding up, the Astros will have to do some re-figuring as regulars are… Read More

The Major League baseball draft is our time to vacate the present and imagine the future. And by future, we generally mean distant future.That’s because the baseball draft is not like the NBA or NFL drafts, where top players are expected to make an immediate impact.No, baseball requires more seasoning than that. An 18- to… Read More

Injuries to Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa are the latest in a spate of training room setbacks for the Houston Astros.But what do they mean? Well, I suspect that the Astros will continue to limp along with little problem.Yes, they will miss these stars, particularly Correa. The Injured Correa was cruising along with a .295… Read More

The Texas Rangers may have to make some decisions in the coming weeks before the trade deadline. And those decisions involve pitching.Are they good enough to make a push for postseason? Or are they going to toss in the towel and be a seller, when trade time comes?Since hitting is no issue, pitching will provide… Read More