The verdict is in. The sentence is in. And it ain’t good. The questions: Could it be worse? And what does is all mean to the team and the franchise? Major League Baseball has announced the findings of its report on the Houston Astros cheating charges and handed out penalties to the Astros organization. The… Read More

The Dallas Stars seem to be on cruise control. They are winning at a rate that has them hovering in second or third in an NHL Western Conference that the St. Louis Blues are running away with.The Stars have also survived the routine nicks and bruises of a season, not to mention the sudden firing… Read More

The absence of Kristaps Porzingis from the last couple of games because of knee soreness no doubt sends a tinge of fear through Dallas Mavericks ticket holders. The fact that Coach Rick Carlisle indicated doubt about the 7-3 power forward’s availability in the coming days was no help, either.After all, we know Porzingis’s history here… Read More

No one said the NBA’s Western Conference would be easy territory, but I expected the San Antonio Spurs to be further up the ladder than this.The Spurs were set up to be a team that combined some old and new elements that should have produced a competitive crew. They should be in the thick of… Read More

It has been chilly winter for the Houston Astros, what with this cheating scandal bearing down and the franchise cooling it during the winter meetings.The team saw ace free agent Gerrit Cole escape to New York in a record deal with the Yankees, and Wade Miley decided to use his free agency to sign with… Read More

We’re only about a quarter way into the Houston Rockets season, but we’ve seen enough to know that this team is much like the team we thought they would be.Of course any assessment of the 2019-20 Rockets means putting a grade on the addition of Russell Westbrook.We’ll get to that later, but right now, let’s… Read More

What are the chances?That’s what Dallas Cowboys fans are asking themselves these days, as the last four games of the season approach. What are the chances we make the playoffs? What are the chances we do anything when we make the playoffs? What are the chances we have the same coach next year? The Cowboys… Read More

The Dallas Stars resurgence is a good lesson in patience and perseverance. Not just on the part of the team, but also the fans of said team. With the streaky nature of a long season, it is easy to turn your back for a couple of weeks, only to wake up one day to find… Read More

The Houston Astros cheating story that broke this week sounds like an amusing tale you might have heard around the hot stove in years past.But that was the old days. It is no longer a time of recounting entertaining antics. In these days of high-tech capabilities and wildfire social media, things are different.This is the… Read More

Before the first tipoff this season, the Dallas Mavericks were pegged to be a borderline playoff team. At least that’s how most observers saw it. After all, a team still putting the pieces together would find it hard to compete in a crowded Western conference full of potential contenders.But after a good start, maybe it… Read More