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The Bert Ogden Arena: Presenting a New Era in Sports and Entertainment in South Texas

The city of Edinburg in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas is without doubt a blessed city. Having positioned itself as the leading place in the region, Edinburg is now set to attract some of the biggest names in sports and music to South Texas, thanks to its latest addition: the new Bert Ogden Arena.

Having recently welcomed a 2,500-capacity amphitheater and a 17,000-seat soccer stadium, both housed in the HEB Park, the opening of the multimillion-dollar Bert Ogden Arena is turning Edinburg into the go-to entertainment hub in South Texas.


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Bert Ogden Arena tickets and venue information

Location of the Arena

Built right in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley off Interstate 69, the Bert Ogden Arena is not just the largest indoor venue in South Texas, but is also a first-class entertainment venue right on the border of Texas and Mexico. With a population of over 1.2 million, Rio Grande Valley is the largest border community in Texas. This makes it a perfect location for the Arena both for the locals and for those who would want to enjoy great entertainment right in the heart of a predominantly Hispanic community and still feel at home.

Seating Capacity and Layout

Built at a cost of $82 million, the Bert Ogden Arena is a flexible and dynamic venue with a fixed 7,700 seats, as well as another 1,300 flexible seats. The arena provides a great unobstructed view for the 9,000 fans given that it’s perfectly structured with three levels of seating. To offer much more than a standard design, the seating arrangement is configured in a symmetrical design and horseshoe formation with a modern tiered elevation feel that gives every fan in the arena a better view of the stage, as well as an impeccably comfortable backstage area for performers.

The seats are designed with ultimate comfort in mind. Measuring 48 inches from front to back of each other, the seats are extremely spacious, comfortable and designed to offer ample legroom. They measure 22 inches instead of the standard 18 inches, and have a four feet front to back. In essence, this arena is built more like a luxurious film theater than a typical stadium.

The arena is undoubtedly built to offer fans a one-of-its-kind experience. That’s why it’s built with 12 private suites, six bunker/club suites and other finer details such as VIP parking, an upgraded audio and video system and a 40by20 foot LED scoreboard, which is the largest in South Texas! To further enhance fan experience, the Bert Ogden Arena offers Concourse TVs, fast-speed Wi-Fi and wrap-around LED Ribbon Board.

Additional Amenities

The Bert Ogden Arena is built and designed way above competition, especially in the Valley. From special flooring designs that include granite countertops, quartz floors to LED lighting in the parking lot, you’ll love visiting the Bert Ogden Arena. Unlike other arenas, the Bert Ogden Arena has its restrooms made with porcelain as well as stairways made with concrete instead of the common metal.

The sweltering heat and high temperatures that is a common fixture in Texas won’t be a problem in the Ogden. That’s because the arena is fixed with modern air conditioning units that are the largest in South Texas.

What to Expect in Terms of Events

Even though the arena is the official home of the Rio Grande Valley Viper, an NBA G-League team affiliated to the Houston Rockets, it’s set to attract more than just G-League fixtures. As a dynamic venue, the Bert Ogden Arena will also host music concerts, family and comedy shows, live WWE events, local graduations, rodeo events, conferences, corporate events, commencements, as well as political functions. In short, you won’t lack an event to satisfy your entertainment thirsts all year round.

Nearby Restaurants

In the management’s belief that food experience is just as significant as the entertainment or sporting experience, the arena has partnered with award-winning Luby’s Culinary Services, to offer five-star food, beverages and other high-quality restaurant concessions, as well as modernized time-honored delicacies. This will offer a unique dining experience through custom and innovative menus.

There’s also the availability of a large variety of domestic and imported wines, beers as well as widely favored food specialties such as Sushi delicacies, Edinburg Fiesta, Fuddruckers, Italian Buffet, Hill Country BBQ and snacks such as Spiro papas, Vipers Nachos and many more.

If you however, feel the urge to enjoy some delicacies outside of the arena, there are a variety of nearby restaurants that offer a number of delicacies to energize you during and after games and events. Restaurants such as Boka 400, Costa Messa-North, Bob’s Steak & Chop House, Bodega Tavern & Kitchen, Il Forno a Legna, Hacienda San Miguel Restaurant Bar and many more will be in hand to offer you some sumptuous delicacies at affordable prices.

Ticket Pricing - Boletos Bert Ogden Arena

With a variety of events on offer, ticket prices will significantly vary depending on the type of event on offer. That said, ticket prices will start from as low as $20 and can go up to $1,600 depending on the seat position and the event on offer.

As you can see, the Bert Ogden Arena is much more than just the “proud home of the Rio Grande Valley Vipers.” This is a magnificent and modern arena built for $82 million to offer the best of sporting and entertainment events not just for the locals but for the greater Texas and the country in general. As a fan, you’ll never lack an event that will entertain you.

Whether you’re into basketball, live music, family shows or even WWE, all roads will be leading to the outstanding Bert Ogden Arena. All you have to do is check for the events on offer, choose a suitable event and mark your calendar. From live music concerts to captivating games, the Bert Ogden Arena is the premium home of all kinds of events.