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Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium Tickets

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Overview of Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium in Austin Texas

The Darrel K Royal Memorial Stadium, named in honor of veteran Texan football coach who later enlisted in the US Army Air corps Darrel K Royal, is located on 405 East 23rd Street Austin venue, Texas. Construction works began in early 1924, and the stadium was dedicated later that year, albeit with an initial sitting capacity of 27,000 people. November 2018 will mark 94 years since the first game was played in the stadium! It has since undergone a series of renovations and expansions leading to its current spectator capacity of 100,119 spectators, making it the eighth largest stadium in the United States and the ninth largest stadium in the world.

Since its inception, the stadium has hosted the Texas Longhorn Football team and in turn, played host to thousands of American football audiences year in year out. Due to its fame and size, the stadium is surrounded by several highly esteemed restaurants within a miles radius to cater for the stadium’s customers who come from all walks of life. Hat Creek Burgers, Under the Oaks Café, Salty Sow, Chick-fil-A and Wendy’s are just but a few of the several restaurants and cafés located within and beyond a mile distance of the stadium, allowing both visiting and home spectators a vast array of options to choose from.

view of Longhorns football stadium in Austin

Renovations and Improvements

As earlier noted, the venue was primarily and best built for American football audiences although as of 2013 renovations were underway to make room for other games such as volleyball and athletics as well as academic center. Renovations and enhancements in 2006 saw the installation of a 7,370-square-foot high definition scoreboard located on the south end zone, marking a series of $8 million worth of audio-visual improvements. Several LED screens, as well as sound systems and speakers, have since been added to the stadium to enhance spectator experience.

The venue features several extra-football facilities such as event rentals, Gregory Gymnasium, Nutrition Center, Swimming and rowing centers, volleyball and tennis centers as well as several others. These facilities serve to diversify the stadium beyond the mainstream football audience it was built for. The stadium is divided into the South, East, North and West End zones with the South ends currently undergoing expansions whose completion will boost the stadium’s seating capacity to the neighborhood of 115000 and eventually place it at the top of the rank amongst non-motorsport stadiums in the world.

Additional Features

The west end zone features several stadium suites, a concession plaza as well as visitors’ locker room while the north end features a multi-level structure that accommodates amongst others, a new memorial plaza that serves as a memorial to war veterans of both the first and second world wars. Both the east and west ends largely feature sitting spaces for both spectator and club spaces. The stadium also has a large 81 feet by 136 feet high-resolution scoreboard that remains one of the largest video screens in the world, second only to one in Tokyo. The stadium certainly presents a good venue for both football and non-football leaning audience with an extra room for other sports making it a highly versatile but fully-fledged stadium.

In the end, if you're coming to Austin and it's football season, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not going to a Longhorns football game.