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Austin Events 2019 - Why Austin is Booming with Events All Year Round

There’s a reason why they always say that any event in Austin is gonna be the best in your life. Well, you gotta believe them. The ever-changing capital city of Texas thrives not just on new eateries, stays and sights but also on various sounds and action-packed events that are available all year long. It doesn’t matter whether the weather is hot, mild or cold, there’s always something special taking place for people of all interests somewhere in this appealingly bright city. Austin is, indeed, a fun and unique city that has something that people from other cities don’t see or experience on a daily basis: endless live music, badass festivals and of course, craft beer and sumptuous food, all year long!

Even if you’ve never visited during the legendary madness of South by Southwest Festival, you’ve probably heard why Austin is often referred to as the “Live Music Capital of the World.” It’s home to some of the world’s most popular festivals. The fact that people have become even more vibrant about lesser-known events happening in the city is a gem unto itself. This is because you’ll never lack something that perfectly suits your unique taste. Whether you want to catch the biggest music festival in Austin or attend a lesser-known event and still feel like it was well-worth it, one thing is always constant and certain: it doesn’t matter which event you prefer or choose, you’re more likely to fall in love with Austin and will likely leave wanting more and looking forward to your next return, that’s if this great city home isn’t your home.

So without further ado, here’s why Austin is a great place for events of any kind. Are you crazy about action-packed sporting events, captivating theater actions, world-class barbecues, hot weather or spectacular live music concerts? Well, Austin will never disappoint you, and here’s why.

live event in Austin Texas

Enjoy Live Music while You Can because It’s Available Every Night of the Week

The fact that Austin is a self-proclaimed “Live Music Capital of the World” may seem like an exaggeration, but that’s a hard-to-swallow truth. There’s always concerts in Austin, with live music every night of the week, in every corner, all year long. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer big events in enormous and iconic venues such as Austin City Limits, Emo’s East, Stubbs BBQ and Austin360 Amphitheater or like smaller music events in miniature venues, you can choose to attend a show every night if you want to.

Even though small venue owners have been recently bemoaning the high costs of rents that are threatening their businesses, it’s easy to see that live music in Austin is huge on all front. This is a trend that’s unlikely to seize any time soon, that’s because there’s rock, reggae, country music, hip hop, blues, pop, jazz and any type of music that you can think, and almost on a daily basis.

One typical example is the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. This is a week-long game-changing music, art, film and tech festival that takes the city by storm every year. Held every mid-March, the SXSW attracts thousands of bands and hundreds of thousands of fans. It’s a lot of fun to participate in this festival with the city’s residents always look forward to the next SXSW event. On the other hand, some residents will flee it, but with a catch: they often put their apartments and homes up for rent, especially on Airbnb, and get out of town just earn some extra income.

In essence, Austin is known far and wide for hosting some of the world’s biggest and top-notch music festivals. From the Austin City Limits (ACL) music festival and the world-renowned SXSW to Marley Fest, these are just of few of the music festivals that will always remind you that music, together with love are among the most powerful forces in the world. This is a city that truly love music and pays great homage to its music legends by erecting their statues in various parts of the city.

Loads of Iconic Live Music Venues

Who wouldn’t want to attend a live music concert in any iconic venue around the world? As noted above, Austin is home to not just one iconic live music venue but numerous iconic live music venues, some of which have been in existence since the 1960s and are still going strong. From the legendary Emo’s East, the Mohawk and Stubbs BBQ to Austin360 Amphitheater, Scoot Inn, Paramount Theatre and many more, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to live music venues. This is not just to music fans but also to musicians and bands. There are various music venues in Austin that act as a rite of passage for musicians and bands. In other words, you surely do not become an internationally-recognized musician without performing in one of this legendary music venues. The best part is, these venues are always full-house whenever any artist is performing. Austinites are an eclectic bunch who will often give the any artist the benefit of doubt and seize the chance to hear and watch their creativity.

In addition to these iconic venues, the Zilker Park is the place to be as far as events and concerts are concerned. Imagine chilling with your pals in the park while splendid live music from a plethora of artists and bands play in the background! Zilker Park is undoubtedly a very secure park where you’re likely to find folks relaxing with their dogs, but can turn to an excellent music festival venue on a whim! For example, the upcoming ACL Festival will be held at the Zilker Park for two consecutive three-day weekends beginning Friday, 5 October.

That’s not all; Austin is arguably the only place in the world where you’ll encounter and experience incredible live music just about anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at the airport, in the middle of a jam, walking down the streets or at the fish market, all these venues have, more than once, turned into sterling live music venues. Unsurprisingly, the city’s authorities are so relaxed about such occurrences because they perceive them as unique forms of tourist attractions.

Better still, Austin never lacks free concerts, and as far as we’re concerned, there’s perhaps nothing that can beat a free concert under the warm and beautiful glow of Austin’s sky. Austin may be hot, especially during the summer, but the availability of numerous free concerts is definitely one of the main reasons why you won’t find an excuse to stay indoors reading a trashy magazine while swelling up your electricity bill in the name of using the air conditioner. In fact, the availability of various free concerts is one or the reasons why the great city of Austin is the best place for outdoor activities. Attending such outdoor concerts gives you an excuse to consume unlimited amounts of ice cream and pizza and numerous Austin cuisines while bonding with your family and mates.

There’s Never a Dull Moment in Austin, thanks to Its Comedic Acts and Incredible Arts

If it ever crossed your mind that Austin is only known for its music scene, you’ll soon agree with me that you were damn wrong! Austinites are a fun-loving people who will stand in long lines outside various venues just to enjoy some good laugh and hearty moments from various comedians. From the Cap City Comedy Club to the famous Esther’s Follies, there are various venues in Austin where tons of both local and national stand-up comedians pass through literally on a daily basis. Various comedians such as Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, Steve Martin, and many more, have become household names because they often the seize the chance to perform in Austin.

Comedy isn’t your cup of tea? No problem. Austin presents you with the chance to have a true movie-going experience at any Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in the city. Even though you’ll be required to maintain a strict and proper movie-going etiquette, you’ll agree that movie-going in Austin is also a unique experience and event unto itself.

Last but not least, you’ll agree that few things in the world are actually comparable to experiencing an epic art performance at the Long Center. Located along Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin, this venue is the permanent home of Ballet Austin, Austin Lyric Opera, Austin Symphony, as well as a venue where you can enjoy various arts performances.

Sporting Events in Austin are in a League of their Own

Even though there are no major sporting teams playing in any of the country’s major leagues such as the NBA, the NFL, the NHL and the MLS that’s based in Austin, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to sporting events. That’s because the few things will ever become equivalent to the excitement, spectacle and well-storied tradition of the Texas Longhorn football. Despite being a NCAA Division I team, the Longhorns attracts a large fan-following whenever they play at home. You can bet that the Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, which is Texas’ second-largest sports stadium, will be full of cheerful, ardent and passionate fans backing the Longhorns against any of their rivals.

You think that’s all in terms of sporting events in Austin? Well, you’re wrong. Austin is the only city in the United States where you’ll witness the world’s top-level racing in the name of Formula One. All you’ve got to do is head down to the Circuit of the Americas and you’ll get the chance to catch live one of the world’s major sporting attractions: The United States Grand Prix. Austin has successfully hosted F1 in the U.S. since 2012 and will continue doing so until 2021, and hopefully even longer.

As a city where getting and staying fit is big business, there’s the yearly Austin Marathon and Half Marathon that has been a major event in the city since 1992. More than 20,000 participants take part in the marathon on an annual basis. This event is a golden opportunity for both Austinites and outsiders to pass by some of the city’s iconic landmarks such as Lady Bird Lake, the University of Texas Tower, the 360 Bridge and the state’s capitol building, among others. If you like marathon things, you can as well mark your calendar and wait until the Thanksgiving morning to participate in the famous Turkey Trot, at least to run up your Thanksgiving appetite and all contribute to the Caritas of Austin Charity.

You can also choose to attend and enjoy any of the many rodeo events that are often held in Austin. Rodeo is actually the official sport of Texas and attending of such events is a special way of showing that you are true to the authentic Texan culture. For instance, there’s Rodeo Austin, which brings to the fans two hours of action-packed extreme competitions such as bull fighting and the fan-favorite Mutton Bustin’. Such events are often followed by Live Music by various internationally-recognized musicians and bands.

Celebrate Unique Cultures in Style

Even though Austin is a city that’s overwhelmingly proud of its rich history and stays true to its roots, Austinites are an easy-going, warm and friendly people who will welcome you with huge smiles on their faces, open arms and probably a jug of beer. No matter your culture or background, you’re highly likely to never feel out of place in Austin.

That’s why, it’s a great city where you’ll never lack a cultural event. There are numerous cultural events and festival in Austin including; Austin Celtic Festival (celebrate the traditions of the Irish and Scottish people), the Dragon Boat Festival (celebrate the Chinese tradition while enjoying their foods, live music and dance performances), Carnaval Brasileiro (Austin’s version of the Brazilian Carnaval where you can dance the night away to samba music, enjoy the flamboyant Brazilian costumes and cuisines), Cinco de Mayo (celebrate Mexican and Hispanic culture, food and music) and many more.

To this end, you’ll perhaps agree with me, and many other residents of this great city, that heaven isn’t too far away from Austin if the city’s wonderful events, sumptuous dishes and captivating music concerts are anything to go by. This is an excellent city for virtually any event. Austinites love life and will attend basically any event to celebrate the gift of life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at the height of a hot summer or during the coldest of winters, Austin and its swelling population will always be in need of various types of events and festivals.

This is essentially why there are live music concerts on every corner of the city, and residents never seem to get tired of them. So whether you’re in love with live music concerts, comedic acts, arts or sporting events, you should be rest assured that Austin has you covered, any day, all year long.