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MLB tickets  

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Can you get MLB tickets

Yes.  border tickets offers tickets to MLB events all over the US, Europe and Mexico.  View upcoming MLB events above. We provide a great selection of inventory for all events and shows nationwide. Don’t see any listed? Please check back later.

MLB Event Seating Capacity and Layout

Seating for MLB tickets will vary from venue to venue  We do our best to have the most up to date seating charts.  However, if there is no seating chart do contact us.

Are your MLB tickets authentic

Yes, ALL of out tickets are real tickets. However, Bordertickets.com is NOT affiliated with MLB box offices nor any ticket vendor such as ticketmaster, axs ticketfly etc. We are independent ticket Brokers. We provide a service. We specialize in attaining hard to get tickets, to the most desired events, in the most sought after areas, many of which are not available to the general public.

MLB Ticket Pricing

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Just like in Real Estate LOCATION is the biggest single factor in pricing for MLB tickets. MLB tickets pricing will vary depending on the city, weather etc.  Factors such as day of the week can change the pricing of events because a lot more people can attend an event on a Saturday versus a Tuesday. How pleasant is the weather? There will be less demand for an event if it is during a blizzard or a heat wave.